At AviVet we are actively working on innovative projects that contribute to a healthy and sustainable poultry industry. We believe that taking care of animal health, animal welfare and sustainability is the way to an even brighter future for poultry.

We have contributed ranging from veterinary support to project leaders in a number of innovative projects.

Current projects

Lifestyle Eggs
A brand new concept for egg production in an integrated shorter chain. Central is an innovative farm house design (for new and existing farms) that offers housing for the day-old-chick, right through the entire laying period. Lifestyle Eggs is an initiative by farmer Frank de Ronde, technical installation service provider Rene Oomkens and AviVet-owner Roland Bronneberg.

Within the Q-perch project by Vencomatic, AviVet B.V. contributes as an independent party to the evaluation en efficacy of this novel mechanical solution for Poultry Red Mite control.

Recently completed projects

Wel-Fair Eggs
In this project, an initiative by Wageningen University & Research and the Dutch Government, AviVet worked with other stakeholders towards development of a sustainable production chain for table eggs. With focus on animal welfare, environment, food safety and of course farmer profitability.